Flights Attendant

A plane is completely different in the eyes of a passenger and a flight attendant. There are some things that passengers don’t know.

So here are some tips to make your flight even more comfortable than before.

When you feel the Crave, Ask for Food Flights Attendant

The refreshments that are provided on the flights are precooked and dont stay fresh for long. So after every flight all the extra food containers are thrown away. So, during a flight if you feel the urge to eat more, feel confident and don’t be shy asking for more food.

Check if life jacket is there. Flights Attendant

It is surprising but it’s true that some people steal the life jackets from the planes when they leave to keep it as a relic or a memory. So when you are seated on plane, check if the life jacket is there or has it been stolen by some sentimental thief.

Use the Ashtray. Flights Attendant

Although smoking is strictly prohibited on plane but still there is always an astray in the toilets. So if you feel the crave to smoke, go to the toilet and make use of the ashtray and don’t throw the ash in the paper dustbin. Yes! You might be fined for it but throwing cigarette in paper basket is dangerous.

Don’t be Extra Conscious.Flights Attendant

The airlines now a days donot thoroughly clean the plane after the flights, they rather clean it superficially. Although the seat trays and carpets are cleaned but the pillows and blankets are not washed, rather they put then upside down and fold them professionally. So you can’t be sure that a person on your seat prior to you was sick.

The toilet door can be unlocked from outside.Flights Attendant

There are duplicate keys that can be used to unlock the toilets if someone is locked inside. There is also a new mechanism in the advanced planes. There is a bolt under the no smoking sign. Simply flip that sign and you see a bolt that can be turned upside down to unlock the door.

Board the plane at last.Flights Attendant

If you don’t like the position of you seat or it’s location on the plane, there’s a trck you can use. The plane is not often full during flights so, be the last person to get on board. As you are the last person and the main entrance is closed whch implies that no passenger will get on plane after you so you can sit on any seat you like.

Don’t Consume excessive Alcohol. Flights Attendant

It is often warned that don’t drink too much alcohol on the plane as one glass on the altitude is equal to 2 glasses on ground level. This is because the altitude effects the flow of blood in such a way that it makes you even more high. So if you feel frightened during flights, drink less alcohol so that you don’t get too much high.

Don’t take bulkhead seat. Flights Attendant

Always keep in mind that people with babies usually book seats with bulhead, as it is convenient to handle babies on those seats. So if you don’t want to disturb you flight with voices of crying infants, avoid bulkhead seats.

Drink only bottled water.
Flights Attendant

When you are on board, use only sealed mineral water as the water in taps of planes is often filthy. The recent studies have shown that tap water of airlines usually contains excessive bacteria that can make you sick. So use tea or green tea made with mineral water.

Don’t pay your gratitude.Flights Attendant

It is often noticed that when the plane lands on the runway, the people on board become happy and pay their gratitude to the management crew for a safe journey. This should be avoided as the workers of airlines often take it as an insult, because it’s not a charity but it’s their job to do this.