We as a whole are confident of the fact that we possess the unmatched genius, but many of us are not the real genius.

Some essential attributes can easily qualify you as being the genius; These admirably unusual traits include the following:

1. ScribblingSubtle

A creative mind cannot stay free. He keeps digging for new and innovative ways of making use of the free time. It is through this scribbling and doodling that he finds the solution to kill his boredom.

2. Lack Of Good CompanySubtle

For a genius soul it is important to reach his desired destination. To keep on the track leading to his goal and stay focused a genius and limits his social life. He has a very limited number of friends to spend time with.

3. Think Before You ActSubtle

A hasty decision can be a nasty choice. Taking time to decide for something, appears to be the sign of laziness, but it is the proof of one’s diligence and vigilance. It is important to take enough time before taking any decisive step.

4. The Seized ProgressSubtle

Sometimes it seems that we are not moving ahead. The growth comes to a standstill. To add a new chapter of success to your life, it is important to give the brain some break from the activities.

4. Self-conversationSubtle

In a view to organizing the scattered thoughts talking to one’s self can be helpful. It brings the feelings to one point. It helps in identifying the lost ideas.

5. Unorganized And Messy AttitudeSubtle Being messy does not mean that your mind is distracted and you lack the passion of staying in prim and proper Being messy is a nurturing practice for the brain.

6. EfficiencySubtle

Finding a short cut to reach the goal is representative of how strategic a mind is.

7. The Attitude Of IndifferenceSubtle

A person with the intellectual abilities chooses the friends carefully and then spends time with them with equal care.

8. Assigning ResponsibilitiesSubtle

To meet the challenging tasks before them, the intelligent will start sharing the assigned tasks with other In this way, they can quickly work on the things that need their attention.

10. Insomnia Subtle

An intelligent mind needs to recharge after a long session of work. Proper sleep is a great help to revive your energies.