Stupid People , Vira Buzz

A refresh button is a requirement in the life of every individual. No matter what you have faced or did in the past or you are doing in the present, or you are likely to do in the future, you need the refresh button to charge up. Everybody agrees with this that he or she should have a refresh button so that it would have stopped them from uttering any nonsense. All the humans have poor impulse control. Let’s have a look at the stupid things which the people have committed.

#16 What do you actually mean by this?

Stupid People , Vira Buzz

One of the finest college life hacks. You know what? It will work.

#15 A person should be aware the importance of punctuation Stupid People , Vira Buzz

These people kept on writing without even putting the commas. This is a bit funny.

 #14 A unique Limos Stupid People , Vira Buzz

Limos are used to play teeter totter.

#13 My God! This is scary Stupid People , Vira Buzz

She used her hands to petrify some small children.

#12 I think, This person was highly drunk Stupid People , Vira Buzz

The condition where the vehicle is stuck badly is only possible if the driver was unable to see or he was driving getting drunk.

#11 This place might hurt the cat Stupid People , Vira Buzz

Don’t you feel that this may be a dangerous place for the cat?

#10 This is the best piece of natural selection Stupid People , Vira Buzz

This person kept a trampoline on the 6th storey and performed over it. Unfortunately, the person died his image and video got 14,000,000 views on Youtube

1#9 What do you think about Seagulls? 

Though the seagulls are not aggressive but still no risks should be taken.

#8 The man and his unicycle Stupid People , Vira Buzz

This has given to answers to all my childhood questions. The boy was caught by the car wash, and we remained safe.

#7 Parents always appreciate you despite your silly activities Stupid People , Vira Buzz

Every parent recognizes their children and calls them smart no matter how much stupid activities they sometimes do.