Historical Facts

21st century is an era of information and technology. Everyday, new facts and realities are discovered and our old beliefs are replaced by advanced ones.

Here are some truths about the false facts that we believe are true.

  1. The Great Sphinx of GizaHistorical Facts

The Great Sphinx in Giza has been known to have lack of nose. It’s said that it’s nose was wrecked by Napoleon during the battle with Turks in 1798. But this is a false story as a Danish Traveler reports that that statue was actually built with the lack of nose. So the fact that Napoleon destroyed it is altogether incorrect.

  1. Vincent Van Gogh’s Ear Historical Facts

It is said that Vincent Van Gogh intentionally cut his ear and sent it to his loved one is not authentic. But the truth is that he had a fight with his friend Paul during which he hit him with a razor. So, as a penalty he cut off a lobe of his ear the same night this incident happened.

  1. Horned Head guards of Vikings Historical Facts

Vikings are usually depicted with horns on their helmets, but according to the archaeologist, they can’t actually track what was the shape of their helmets. Such helmets were used as rituals and also found on their Tombs. These have also been used since bronze age, long before the Vikings.

  1. The Myth of Stonehenge Historical Facts

Stonehenge is one of the biggest enigma of all time, and new deductions are presented fluently. Now a days it is falsely portrayed as it actually was. The current images show that it is way different then it actually was in ancient times.

  1. The Actual Discovery of America Historical Facts

In our history books and lectures we are told that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. But the truth is the Vikings travelled to the New World prior to when Columbus did. So this story is altogether false.

  1. The Poems of OssianHistorical Facts

Ossian was a Celtic poet of the 3rd century and James Macpherson, a Scottish writer is said to have translated Ossian’s poems. When James was asked to present the actual poems, he denied and ditched the subject. The actual poems have still not been discovered and James’s poems are a myth only.