Life Hacks ,

Although the world is a dangerous place to survive but according to the studies we live in the most peaceful time in the history of mankind.

So here are some tricks and tips to make yourself even more secure.

1.  Keep your phone alive. Life Hacks

You should have your phone sufficiently charged when you leave your place. This is necessary as mishaps don’t happen with prior notice. So, if you have a charged phone you can ask for help, call the emergency numbers or contact your siblings to help you out.

2. Ask for ApologyLife Hacks

Asking for an apology and being humble is a great virtue as it saves you from many troubles.
Let’s say for instance if you bump into someone, you should ask for apology because the one you just bumped into might be a carrying a gun apology may save you so much more. So act humble and make things right when they go wrong.

3.Locate the Exits. Life Hacks

When you are at places like concert, hospital, a school or similar places, scan the environment around and locate all the possible emergency exits. This comes in handy as in critical situations, you won’t have to run and locate the emergency exit in a rush rather you already have an idea of exits and you can map out the nearest and the safest exit in emergency.

4. Scan the faces. Life Hacks

A When sitting in public, look around and think like a detective. Look for the expressions on faces and point out the individuals that intrigue you. This acts as a food for brain and lets you make an image of people in your conscience. As human conscience is mostly correct so, stay away and maintain a distance from people that you assume can cause you a harm.

5. Look for Exits while Boarding.Life Hacks

HavingWhile boarding a plane carefully scan around with your eyes wide open and look for the nearest possible emergency exit from your place and count the number of seats in between.

This can be helpful as in situations of emergency, you can rush to the exit and even if it is dark or smoke around, you can reach the exit by counting the number of headrests.

6. Train your wrists Life Hacks

Your wrists are the most important support while hanging to a pole or a ledge. So train your wrists by doing chin-ups and using handgrips everyday. This is helpful as in critical situations when you might have to hold on to a narrow ledge, you can hang up for some time till someone comes to help you out.

7. Breaking out of a Drowning Car. Life Hacks

Whenever you come across a situation that you are in a drowning car first unbuckle your seat belt and then instead of opening the door use the window to exit. If the window doesn’t open, smash the windshield to escape. This is advised because you only have 60 seconds to escape and if you try and open the door, it won’t open because of the water pressure.