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37-year-old Claire Gaylor was looking forward to the birth of her baby when all the excitement blew away in few moments. She had to suffer from the placenta percreta. It is a condition in medical history in which abnormal growth is witnessed in the placenta, and finally, it gets attached to the uterine wall. Due to the severity of the condition the mother to be, Claire Gaylor underwent an emergency surgery. The entire procedure was not very welcoming as she had to fight back blood loss, weakness and coma until the new life opened the eyes in the world.

Given below is the story of the warrior mother who fought the death till she got successful.

When death stood before the eyes Replaced , Viral Buzz

In 2013 Claire Gaylor, Welwyn Garden, Hertfordshire, was about to deliver her fourth baby. Everything was normal until the 28th week when she started feeling extreme pain in her belly. It felt as if the womb will blow out of her tummy.

Abnormal Placental growth leading to the ruptured womb Replaced , Viral Buzz

Claire was suggested a C-section after which she fell into a coma. She was in the intensive care unit when Cody was brought to her there. She was unaware that the new life in the world was either a baby girl or a baby boy.

Claire was not aware of the happenings for five days Replaced , Viral Buzz

She was in extreme pain and agony for ten days. Due to the deteriorating situation, she was taken for the medical assistance. Considering the heavy blood loss, she was given six blood transfusions, but instead of recovering she became unconscious. It took five days to come out of the coma.

An urgent C-section saved Cody Replaced , Viral Buzz

As claire’s situation worsened the doctors considered it necessary to take her for the delivery. The little boy in the womb was not even healthy. The little cody has consumed the blood from the womb. The last procedure was hysterectomy that saved the life f the mother and the baby both.

What Matt had to say? Replaced , Viral Buzz

Mr. Matt, the husband of Claire, was equally bothered by the threats faced by his wife and his child. He was on the verge of a breakdown as it was not clear that whether his lovely wife and the little son would survive or not. After his second child, the doctors made it clear that it was impossible to have another baby. When the unthinkable has happened, he was worried for the two precious lives. The moment he was told the good news that both had survived, the whole world changed for him, and he was thankful to God for his mercy.

Claire’s first meeting with Cody Replaced , Viral Buzz

The brave mom met her baby son in intensive care after five days.

The recuperation Replaced , Viral Buzz

After waging a life-threatening war finally Claire and Cody were safe. She was now on the way to the recovery. Today she states that this birth was not less than a miracle.

After 19 months Replaced , Viral Buzz

Today Cody is 19 months old and is enjoying a happy life with his family like any other happy family around him. He weighs 3lb 14oz. Even Claire cherishes the return to the family.