Tips for women

Many of women across the globe have taken the advice of Ellen Fein and Sherrie from their hot seller book ‘The Rules’.

We hereby present you with some New Rulesto keep men attracted and devoted to you.

1.  Act busy and don’t always answer the phone whenever He Calls Tips for women 2. Concisely answer all texts from a new perspective.Tips for women

3. Don’t text all the time and wait some time before replying to a text.Tips for women

4. Better not reply to text like “Where will you be in 1 hour?” Ignore them.Tips for women

5. Don’t post every activity on social media. Better let him guess Where you are and What you are doing.Tips for women

6. Texting after 12 in the midnight is not recommended. Sober girls sleep after 12, even if they’re not sleeping. Tips for women

7. Don’t stalk him on social media. Post on his profile, once in a blue moon. Tips for women

8. Make texting as fewer as possible. Let him meet you in person to talk. Tips for women

9.It’s good to use smileys for a healthy conversation but excessive use of smileys is immaturity. Tips for women

These rules are only some advises. Safely follow them to maintain a healthy relationship